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Ada Cottrell Foundation Obtained a Certificate of Incorporation

State Department of Assessments & Taxation at 301 W Preston St Baltimore, MD 21201. Date: September 27th 2018

The founding idea of ADA COTTRELL FOUNDATION came from Robert’s wife Joyce Cottrell after receiving the progressive medical report of Robert’s Metastasis Colon Cancer from doctors whereby they were telling Ms Joyce to start recording the video of Ada and her Dad for the memory of his life.

Therefore, instead of Joyce recording video which she felt that will be very painful when her daughter grow up and see the suffering her father was having at the time, she decided to establish Ada Marie Relay For Life –

In lieu with Ada 6 years birthday (August 29, 2018). She dedicated her daughter’s birthday to support the families who have been going through of taking care of their loved ones with cancer or have lost the battle.

Ada Marie Relay For Life wanted to raise money to fight cancer. Ada Marie Relay For Life is to support and build awareness of this dreaded disease and will makes a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer HERE AND NOW!

Ada’s goal is to raise $15,000 to help fight cancer. Ada is asking for your support. Your contribution of $25 or more will help Ada Marie Relay For Life step up to support cancer patient, their families and fight against cancer.

Please use cash app phone #: 240-490-0302, GoFund me (http://gf.me/u/jxn22q) or send a check, payable to Joyce Cottrell (Ada Marie’s Mom), to this address: 6345 Bright Plume, Columbia MD 21044.

In September 27, 2018, The Ada Marie Relay For Life was re-branded and officially registered as ADA COTTRELL FOUNDATION (INC.) at the State Department of Assessments & Taxation at 301 W Preston St Baltimore, MD 21201.

However the foundation will also be dealing with other activities related to Health care, Health Education, Research and Innovation, Nursing and Social work.

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