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Ada Cottrell Foundation was established and incorporated on September 27, 2018 in Columbia, Maryland. We are a nonprofit organization focused on providing help and support to the health sector, as well as health education and research & innovation.

With the goal to save lives, we dedicate our foundation to the betterment of the healthcare community, especially those fighting a battle against cancer. We invest in research and development to help find innovative solutions for various health diseases and bring new hope to patients — allowing them to have brighter futures.

Our Mission

To save people’s lives by providing aid in health centers, hospitals, and orphans and disabilities centers through outstanding programs that integrate patient care, research and prevention, as well as education for students, trainees, professionals, employees, stakeholders, and the public.

Our Vision

We shall fight against diseases in order to safeguard people’s health and educate them more on cancer awareness and seek ways of prevention and cure.

Our Core Values

1. Support and Improve Health Status

  • The Foundation will work to reduce health disparities by promoting greater access to health care and improving the quality of health care with special emphasis on people in rural areas for adequate health care.
  • The Foundation will make/seek grants, donations, and fundraising that emphasize the importance of health education, personal responsibility, and the prevention and cure of diseases.

2. Involve, Collaborate, and Partner

  • The Foundation will engage all communities in health care needs assessments and evaluation processes, both quantitative and qualitative, which facilitate community self-definition and self-determination, and which strengthen and develop their local community health infrastructure and institutions.
  • The Foundation will involve stakeholders and make grants to build the capacity of grantees, donors, and fundraisers to effectively accomplish their health missions.

3. Innovate, Educate, and Lead

  • The Foundation will define health broadly to include components of environmental, psychological, emotional, behavioral, social, economic, and spiritual health and well-being.
  • The Foundation will search for new solutions (innovation) to old problems and have the courage to risk failure in order to succeed and give top priority on combating cancer and awareness through educating people.
  • The Foundation will work hard and smart by ensuring it leads the team, plans, and strategies well and to achieve our mission by going the extra mile.