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Get to know Ada
beautiful little girl

On August 29th, my daughter Ada turned 8 years old. She has proven to the family and friends that she is a strong child who will grow up to be a very strong and intelligent woman. 

Ada lost her father 3 days before her 6th birthday in 2018, and yet she never let the loss of her father to put down her spirits. When her dad was battling with the deadliest disease, stage 4 colon cancer, Ada initiated an idea to support other children who are going through the same pain and struggle of having a sick father and missing all the activities together. With the help of her mom, Joyce Cottrell, they started an organization called Adacottrellfoundation.org for the reasons mentioned above.

Ada has been very active in the society. Since she was 3 years old, in lieu of the birthday gifts, she has been collecting school supplies to support the orphanage in Tanzania. She supported Bunena Primary School located in Bukoba, Kagera Region in Tanzania, and other local areas here in the US. Ada foundation has supported people with cancer by either buying them groceries or paying some bills.

During this COVID-19, Ada has been strong and resilient in supporting her friends and playing with them with precautions following 6-feet distancing, wearing masks, and practicing frequent handwashing.

She overcame all the challenges and enjoyed her virtual classes, including STEAM CLASS from John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL) KIDS FAMILY with the COLLABORATION FROM MARYLAND SCIENCE CENTER and made a Rover and Volcano Exploration Experiment with the support from her friends which all the kids enjoyed.

With all the obstacles and challenges of losing a dad at a very young age, and COVID-19 which affected the entire world, and left the lives of many uncertain, kept people from seeing each other, kids being prohibited to go outside, and playgrounds and swimming pools under locked down — this young, active little girl who enjoyed swimming, ice skating, and a former Jr Triathlete will not let these challenges stop her. She plans to do better and continue her good work of supporting other kids in need.

On her 8th birthday, she wants to enjoy as a kid and, at the same time, be a front liner for other kids. She wants to encourage them to continue following CDC Guidelines in fighting this pandemic and be eventually ready to go back to school on August 31st.

Ada is entering 3rd grade at ST. LOUIS CATHOLIC SCHOOL IN CLACKSVILLE, MD, and she chose to attend in-person classes since virtual learning was not so easy. She wants to meet her old and new friends and continue learning.

In support of Ada’s good work, you can donate via Adacottrellfoundation.org, click the donation button to donate.

Ada foundation is approved as tax exemption 501(c)(3) EIN# 83-3174800.

You can also send your support, including school supplies, to the following address:

Ada Cottrell 
6345 Bright Plume, Columbia, MD 21044